Steph & Coop…Again ;) | Houston Portrait Photographer

She’s the nurse.  He’s the firefighter.  They are working on procreating Superman and fulfilling the American dream.  ;)

You know those people who are blessed, and you’re genuinely happy for them because they TRULY deserve it?  This is one of those couples.  They are just GOOD people, and I’m so honored that they’ve brought me back to capture another special moment in time.  If you remember, they are a past couple of mine.  You can see their engagements here and as well as their wedding here.

Guys, I can’t wait till baby Lumsden is here!  I know you’ll be AMAZING parents!

Vivian & Jerel | Houston Engagement Photographer

Golden hour.  Almost spring time.  Two people in love.  Can a photographer ask for more?  I don’t really think so.  I have so many things to be thankful for, my couples being a major one.

Vivian and Jerel, October will be here before you know it!

Baby Carter | One Month Old | Houston Newborn Photographer

He’s here, he’s HERE!!

I have been waiting to take newborn pictures of this little one for soooooo long!  He’s finally arrived and he’s perfect.  ;)

Julie & Glenn | NOLA | New Orleans Engagement Photographer

Julie came to me almost two years ago with bright dreamy eyes and full of life.  She told me that she’d found the one, and that she knew it was Glenn.  She’s from the Island, Galveston proper, and he’s a good ole’ boy from none other than the Crescent City.  For the past two years, they’ve made that 5 1/2 hour drive between each other, taking turns and facing the inevitable tearful goodbyes on Sunday afternoons.  Next month, they face the day they’ve been looking forward to for so long.

Jules is very special to me, and I really don’t know what I’d do without her.  I’m not looking forward to her possibly moving away, but know that wherever Glenn is, she will be happy just being by his side.  If you were to hear us having a conversation, your eyes would grow like saucers, because I truly smart off, fight, love and cherish this girl like a sister.  I wish nothing but the best for these two.  When you find true love, there’s nothing else that matters.

“Io sono del mio amato e il mio diletto è per me”

Adelaide’s 3 Month Portraits | Houston Photographer

Little Adelaide just turned 3 months old, and this beautiful family is so excited about their new addition!  I was excited to have two gorgeous redheads in front of my camera.  I know….I know.  I have a facination with natural red hair….*sigh*. 
Anyway!  Below is just a little teaser from our session.  She did so well!  I have dibs on senior portraits in a few years!! ;)