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Parish & Harley ~ Houston, Tx Portrait Photographer

Meet Parish and Harley.  They go way back.  Old school.  Thirteen years.  When Parish picked up and left New Orleans, LA. for Houston, Harley came with her.  They snuggled together, watched movies together, walked together and fought together.

Harley had issues with thunderstorms.  She didn’t like them and they scared the living daylights out of her.  So much that when she was alone, she would raid the apartment and tear things up when the thunder started.  Parish had to buy a kennel.  Harley broke out of it.  Parish bought another, and Harley broke out of that one too.  So finally, she invested in just about the most expensive dog kennel there is:  Alcatraz.  Inescapable.  Inescapable indeed.  Sweet little Harley broke out of Alcatraz.

They shared a lot of time, experience and love together.  10 days ago, Harley gave up a good fight with life.  She is resting peacefully and out of pain.  Only true dog people know how serious this heartache can be.  Our pets love us unconditionally.  They don’t go out on the weekends.  They wait anxiously for us to get home and then greet us with kisses.  They are always happy to see us, and they rarely talk back.

A friend shared this quote with me and I think it’s perfect for times like these:

“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”
Mark Twain

We love you Harley Lu.

And now one just for Par Par…had to post!  Too good not to!