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The Cayton Family | Houston Family Photographer

Meet the Cayton Family.

 I got an email from two members of this family right around the same time inquiring about family pictures.  When they contacted me, it was a few weeks before the Thanksgiving holidays, so you know everything is chaos during that time.  I just didn’t see how it was possible to get them in!  I had one Sunday open but it was a day right after a big wedding I was shooting, so I usually reserve that day for rest.

 I decided to bite the bullet and I’m SO SO glad I did.  They are a beautiful family!  Shooting grown families is something I truly enjoy.  You get to see the personalities of them all, how much they all look alike and how they love each other.  I very rarely get adult families in front of my lens and I’l really glad that I got this one.

Happy New Year, Cayton Family!