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The Business Name | A Long Time Coming

Changing my business name has been something I’ve been trying to do for the past two years.  It hasn’t TAKEN two years to process….it’s taken two years to find the right NAME.

Back in 2005, I took my first trip to Europe.  Among the countries visited, Italy was one.  “Bella” is a word that the Italians use daily.  It’s a beautiful word.  It means “beautiful”.  So when I came home and started becoming more and more interested in photography, I decided to call my ‘business’ Bella Photography.  I had searched the name (not NEARLY enough research) online, and there didn’t SEEM to be too many others.

Fast forward 4 years.  I’ve been sporadically shooting here and there, getting better with each time.  I then met Amber, another photographer who was kind enough to give me some training in post production.  I changed my style completely.  I wanted to be serious.

This is when I got my website, but now…the vampire books are out, and Bella is everywhere.  Ella Bella, Bella Mia, Bella Pictures, Bella Photographica, Bella Photography, Bella Photographs, Bella Baby.  You name it.  It was there.  So…I had to go with Bella Photography Tx as my ‘signature’.  My website address.  My everything.  That ‘Tx’ on the end BOTHERED me.  I knew I hadn’t put enough thought into my name.

I can’t tell you how many times people told me ‘they’d heard of me’.  Maybe they really had…but maybe it was one of the others listed above.  I didn’t want to be linked to that.  I didn’t want to be mistaken for another company.  So I started thinking.  And thinking.  And thinking.  I’d think I had it, run it by a few trusted friends whose opinions I valued, and they’d be like…..eh.  So no.  I hadn’t found it.

This past November, I had the incredible opportunity and honor of shooting a wedding in Australia.  On my last night, staying at my couples siblings house, I commented on their wedding canvas.  They told me they’d gotten married in a town called Eden.  Eden.  There it was.  So present.  I’d heard it before.  It’s in the Bible for pete’s sake, so I like it even more.  Eden.  The location of their wedding wasn’t grand, they said, but the photographer did a great job with making the best of it.

I tossed that idea around.  Eden.  Eden.  It needs something else.  Something soft.  And I said it a few times.  The word just popped in my head.  Eden Grey.  I loved the sound of it.  So I took it to the board.  AKA my friends.  They liked it.  Bingo.  And that was it.  I just had to wait for it to come.  There are a few other businesses out there with the name…musician, tea house…but NO photographers.  I alone have this name, and so I can’t be mistaken anymore.  🙂  You have no idea what a weight this is off of my shoulders.

So if you’re asking “what does it mean?”…nothing.  It doesn’t mean anything.  It’s just a name that I found uncommon, and that I’m crazy about.  Simple.

Thanks everyone for your continued support.