A few things about me...I love to laugh (mostly at myself). I ran the 2022 NYC Marathon. AGH! It took me 8 hours, 12 minutes and 14 seconds, but I got that medal. Since 2020, I've made a yearly goal to 'Do Hard Things'. Hiking Angels Landing (Zion) is my next goal. I have a fear of heights so this should be interesting.

I love to travel! We could spend forever on that subject. Seeing new places and falling in love with all the beauty the world has to offer feeds my soul.

Major dog lover here. This handsome boy to your left with the golden eyes is Brixxton, and sadly said goodbye to us in June, breaking my heart. Eva is our boxer. She's the mother hen of our pack. We call her 'Little Momma'. She has an arch nemesis named Luna, who is our 3 legged rescue mutt. Leave it to a dog with a missing *front* leg to dig up the neighbors cable. She's our protector and also the speaker of the house. Very extra, this one. As of October 2023 we have officially welcomed the newest member of our pack, Wolfgang. Wolfie or Wolf for short. Send chocolate and check in, it's been a while since we've had a puppy in the house! 


Hey, I'm Steph

I love the coast and being in the water, but if I can't see my feet, I'm not getting in!  The mountains are where I love to hike or just to simply appreciate their beauty. Favorite country would have to be Austria - it's absolutely underrated and stunning!


Good chocolate.
All the food.
Great beer. 

things that make you go 'mmmm'

 My husband, my dogs and my family. 
Above all, Jesus


ALL the flowers - but I gravitate toward the dahlias, garden roses and ranunculus. 

 Fall weather all day every day. Wish we had 50-60 degree days year round!  


favorite things


I'm excited to hear more about your upcoming event!
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