Annette & Travis | Private Residence | Houston Wedding Photographer

I met her in the 9th grade at Houston’s First Baptist Church youth group class.  She was outgoing, popular and beautiful.  We were friends, and then, by blessing, I went to live with her for a while.  We laughed, fought, snuck out together, borrowed each others clothes and even bathed together, (get your mind out of the gutter).  This is how close we were.  She was a light in my life.  She gave me confidence in myself; told me to stop being so insecure.  She, her father and her two brothers would mold a part of me.  Change me forever; and that they did.

At 18, she gave birth to her firstborn.  She married.  We attended each others graduations in different towns and partied together on the weekends and holiday parties.  When we graduated college, we would have sleepovers and go shopping all day at Willowbrook mall for anything our hearts desired with our fat paychecks.  She was the matron of honor in my wedding.

Life happened.  Distance, children, relationships, heartbreak.

We aren’t as close as we used to be, but I have a tendency to hang on to things…even from the past.  I still consider her a best friend, a sister and a confidante.

She met her soulmate, and got married to him a few weeks ago.  To watch him stare at her in awe, laugh with her, and kiss her every second he had a chance, I fell a little more in love with them as a couple.  If their wedding day is any indication of how happy they will be, I have no doubt that they will make each other beyond happy.

I love you, pexapoo.  937.