Aspen Engagement Session – Aspen Engagement Photographer | Tina & Jared

Destination engagement sessions are among my favorite.  Not just because we are shooting somewhere new, exciting and less familiar, but because of the moments in the car traveling to our destination.

Tina, Jarad and I flew to Denver this November for their engagement session, but the journey didn’t stop there.  Our ultimate destination was another 4 hour drive southwest to good ole’ Aspen.  In those four hours in the car, we gasped at the scenery, laughed about fun stories and cried about touching moments in our lives.

We shared personal trials and triumphs, talked in detail about God and how he helps us with our relationships, arrived in Aspen to take pictures in town, and then ended in Maroon Bells for their formal pictures just as the sun set over the Elk Mountains.

Tina was under the weather barely being able to talk above a whisper, but she held out in the cold like a champ.  She rocked her gorgeous designer sparkly white gown and looked like a queen doing it.  Jared warmed her up with his long wool coat as much as possible, cuddling up to her and snuggling close.

Afterward we went and had the most amazing meal at White House Tavern.  If you ever go, get the crispy chicken sandwich, it’s the top seller for a reason.  We got no real sleep that night.  We drove the four hours back to Denver, stopping for a hot minute in Frisco for some pictures Main Street to pay tribute to their favorite song and location it was videoed in.  Tequila by Dan and Shay.  By the time we got settled in our rooms, showering off the long day and trying to wind down, there were only hours until we had to wake for our 6am flight back to Houston.

It was all worth it.  Not only do I feel like Jared and Tina are family, but the memories we made those two days are priceless.

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