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I first heard of Balushka Paper Floral Artistry when I walked into BHLDN,  a wedding line by Anthropologie.  They were so intricate and elegant.  It wasn’t until I invested in my own paper flowers that I met the tiny, blonde Ukrainian, Khrystyna, that is the mastermind behind all of said flowers.  Down to earth, responsive, talented and accountable-this has been my experience with her.  I built a custom moss backdrop for my own purposes and knew I wanted these paper flowers to be the star of the show.  I inquired, looked online, did my research- a normal custom when making a large investment (most of the time!)  Khrystyna was able to work with my timeline, my budget and my needs.

The purpose of this blog feature is to let you all know that these flowers are out there.  They are eye-catching, GORGEOUS, preservable, and can be used for SO many purposes.  Whether you’re a bride looking for a backdrop, table centerpieces, bouquets, hairpieces and jewelry or a new mother-to-be wanting something different for your new baby’s room, there’s a market for you all in these pieces.

I’ve written a Q&A below to help you understand the uses, as well as educate you on the value and even inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to your wedding day or other such interest.  I’ve also included some pictures of Balushka headquarters where all the magic happens, and to give you an idea of just how much she and her amazing team are capable of!

I hope you enjoy.

Balushka Paper Floral Artistry

Q:What advice would you give to a bride who wants paper flowers at her wedding?

A: “Hire Balushka!” (she laughs playfully).  “Choose elegant and timeless.  Check the weather and consider keeping one or some of the flowers for yourself as a memory.”

Wedding Florals

Q: How long do the flowers last, and what can people do with the flowers after the wedding?

A: “I still have my first paper flower from 4 years ago.  It’s survived numerous installations, so I can guarantee 4 years at this point (laughs again).  You can display them in your home as an art piece, mount them in shadow boxes or on canvas or as a headboard piece in your bedroom.  Nursery’s are also very popular to use as heirloom pieces.”

Q: The flower backdrops are the most common of your designs, but what else can brides incorporate your flowers into for their wedding?

A: “Cakes, centerpieces, monogrammed shadow boxes, hair pieces, jewelry, corsages and bouquets.”

Balushka Paper Flowers

Q: Do you take custom orders?  How many color variations do you have?

A: “I have 52 colors.  Ivory and white are the basics and then there are colors, patterns, names, monograms and the flower style.”

Paper flowers

Q: What projects are you most proud of in the last year?

A: “Ah…I was very proud of the installation I did on Fifth Avenue in New York City for Lord & Taylor windows.  My mother came in from Ukraine and she was actually impressed-probably the first time I saw my Mom impressed by me. This is how we are in Ukraine-not excited easily-so it was really a great compliment to se her being really excited!  I’m proud about every project I make.  It’s always different and memorable.  This year I get to design and decorate a store in the World Trade Center in NYC.  It’s fun!  But really, I’m proud of the tiniest of my projects, even to sell a corsage.  I’m also really excited about my new partnership with Bering’s.  It partly inspired me with my home decor line.”

Q: The flowers are incredibly detailed.  Do you do this all yourself or do you have an entourage?

A: “I construct every flower myself, but I do have two wonderful assistants who I am very proud of.  They help me with cutting, shipping and preparation.  They help expedite my time per flower, as I make each one.”

Wedding floral backdrops

Q: Tell us ow long it takes to make one flower?

A: “Depends on size.  On average, 2-3 hours.  Some small ones can be maybe 15 minutes but I had one flower that took 7 hours.”

Wedding details, monogrammed memory flowers

Q: For everyone who lives outside Houston, do you ship?

A: “Most of my business is shipping.  I ship all over the US and internationally.  We use a lot of packaging materials an durable boxes, so the packaging is an art itself!”

Khrystyna Balushka

Q: What other types of events and projects do you get involved in?

A: “Corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, commercial windows, you name it!  (she adjusts her trendy fox tail scarf and pulls her feet up onto the chair) I have a catalog  available for ordering.  It’s only by invite so if someone is interested, they can email “””

Q: What is the average investment that a bride spends on your artistry?

A: “$1700 is the average for rentals.  That’s what a backdrop rental would run.  If you wanted a floral arch, it would be somewhere around $850.  For those looking to keep their art after the event, you could expect to invest around $2500. The jewelry and accent pieces are on a smaller scale, somewhere between $35-150.”

Paper floral artistry

Q: You’re from Ukraine.  What’s your favorite thing about home?

A: “The people.  We say what we think and everything is very real.  It’s what I admire about my country and the people.  Friends get together with wine and play each others therapists. (she looks down and toys with her fingers)  I miss the great food.  When I close my eyes and think about home, I think about the street I lived on, it was in the center of the city.  The trees are very big and old.  The street itself is handmade like cobblestone.  There’s no parking and it’s filled with beautiful cafes.”

Q: Your work is everywhere!  How do you stay level, relaxed and keep up with everyone so well?

A: “I think hard work keeps me grounded.  I’ve been working since I was 5.  I’m able to keep up because if I don’t, everything piles up. If I don’t pick up or respond to clients immediately, I never will.  I answer my own phone and treat everyone the same.  I watched my Mom run her business and she took great care with her customers-so I learned this with her. I appreciate every day I wake up healthy.  I won’t be able to curl and make flowers forever, it’s very hard on your body.  I think a lot of people who don’t do labor intensive work don’t understand why we charge what we do.  This is why I don’t care for when people ask for a discount.”

Paper flower jewelry

Q: Do you have a dream project?

A: “YES! “(she breaks into a huge smile and her eyes go wide). ” I want to decorate the Eiffel Tower from the outside. I want to light it up with flowers.  It would be just for one night, not a permanent installation.  No occasion at all, just a random day, people walking along and them 8pm comes and we light it up!  Everyone there gets free champagne 🙂 (If you didn’t know, she loves champagne.) 🙂 

Baby Balushka Nursery Line

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: “I give a lot of myself to my business so it’s rare to have time to myself.  When I do, I like to go to Galveston for long walks with my beautiful man.  That’s my escape.  I like to go to La Tapatia for margaritas with friends, that place holds good memories.  Also my best friends baby, I just love her.  Babies and flowers make me happy.”

If you would like to contact Balushka Paper Floral Artistry, you can email her at or visit her website at or her etsy store at