The Farmhouse in Montgomery

Bridal Portrait Session at The Farmhouse – Montgomery Wedding Photographer | Brandi

This is Brandi.

Brandi’s story is bittersweet.

This beautiful soul was to be married earlier this year.  I found her and her fiancé to be such lovely, truly endearing and special people.  I still do.

The difficult decision to not go through with the wedding was made. My heart broke for her. For them. I’ve been there. A past bride of mine has been there, as have so many others but it’s a pain that never truly goes away. You carry someone in your heart and that’s simply a part of life sometimes.

She had already ordered her bridal portraits but hadn’t opened them up immediately. A few days ago she texted me to say how in awe of them she was. I was so proud of her for opening those photos. That wasn’t an easy thing to do, but Brandi is a strong young woman. What further amazed me is that she gave her blessing for me to share her images with you all, and to tell a little about her story.

While we don’t always understand what God’s ultimate plan is for us, we know that there is light at the end of a tunnel. We know heartbreak, we know the loss of losing someone; the love of your life, a parent, your best friend. We have friends that help us through this. Who make us laugh when we feel like crying. Who say, come and let me take you out for some good old hot wings and beer 😉

Surround yourself in those people, and in happiness. At the same time, feel all of the feelings, cry when you need to cry, scream when you need to scream, laugh as much as possible and seize the day.

Brandi, you were once my bride, you turned into a friend long ago and I know one day you’ll be my bride again. I hold you dear to my heart.  Until then, that sweet Daddy of yours that I’ve heard so many great things about is watching out for you, along with your aunt and your Mom from up above.

Love and Hugs.


Brandi will be selling this gorgeous dream of a dress. It was worn for the bridal portrait session. The information on the dress itself is below.

The dress maker is Essence of Australia, style number D1932 in blush.  The original size was a 10 but was pulled in a good deal and is estimated to be a 6 or 8.  If you’re interested in the dress reach out to me and I’ll put you in contact.

The Farmhouse in Montgomery

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Venue: The Farmhouse

Makeup & Hair: Kiss & Makeup