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Created by God, Carried by Woman – Houston Maternity Photographer | Julie


  1. A female parent.
  2. A woman who gives birth to her child.
  3. A maternal figure that treats dependents with great care and affection.


Mothers come in all forms. Some give birth.  Some adopt or foster.  Some marry into motherhood.  Others take on the role with friends or family children.

I’m at the age where it has become evident that if I were going to have them, I would have by now.  Watching births, seeing women become mothers is fascinating for me.  I follow doulas and birth photographers.  Seeing the emotion of the hard work – mother and baby, laboring together – it’s incredible.

I always want to know…what’s it feel like to hold your first baby in your arms, to hear its first cry? To experience the bond of breastfeeding?  What happens to your soul when your baby first locks eyes with you?  Is it all just too hard to compute?  Do you soak it in and love every second of these fleeting moments?  Are you just exhausted and glad it’s over?


This is my Julie.  I’ve photographed her engagement, bridal, wedding, first pregnancy, her daughters first year, and now her second maternity.  She’s one of my closest friends and I love her dearly.  I’m so happy for her and her growing family.

To all of the mothers out there, rejoice in the miracle that you’ve experienced. Your body literally made an organ to sustain your baby.  God is a mastermind and I stand in awe.


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