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Downtown Houston Wedding Portraits – Houston Wedding Photographer | Stephanie & Matt

Stephanie & Matt were married at the beginning of the year.  They chose to take minimal pictures on the wedding day so that they could enjoy some of cocktail hour and join their guests.  They also wanted to have portraits in the daylight and the wedding was in the winter months.  With a 7pm wedding, that wasn’t happening!  We planned an ‘After session’, a session specifically for wedding portraits post wedding.  This way they are able to still have the portraits that they want and if their wedding day happened to be rained out, the reschedule works perfectly!

I’ve had at least a handful of couples who have chosen to do this and it’s a brilliant solution for couples who want to be part of all the festivities on the wedding day, and cocktail hour is one of the best festivities!

Looking at these two gorgeous babes, you wouldn’t even guess that we were shooting in a crazy heat wave.  The heat index that day was 108º.  These guys rocked it to say the least.  Afterward we cooled off on a rooftop bar with drinks and good conversation about family and friends.

Thanks again Stephanie & Matt, for choosing me to photograph your important moments!!

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