Hudson’s Baby Pictures | Pearland Newborn Photographer

Baby Hudson made his debut in front of my camera in early December.  He’s a sweet little boy.  I always ask my ‘Mom’s’…what does it feel like to be a Mom?  The replies are usually along the same lines.  “It’s definitely interesting”, “It was hard at first, but I love it”, and then my favorite, “There’s no better feeling in the world when they quietly lay on your chest”.  That’s the part that I feel like I’m missing.

The crying, the terrible two’s, and everything in between does not appeal to me whatsoever, but when I see a new baby laying on their Mother’s chest, relaxed, content and without a care in the world with perfect love and perfect trust…I feel it hard.  I’m missing out.  But then again…I get opportunities that some people only dream of…so, for now, I’ll just be happy.  🙂

Hudson, welcome to the world.  You have a beautiful Mother and Father who will love you until their last breath.