Love Among the Oaks: Engagement Session at Brazos Bend State Park – Lindsey & Jeff

In the heart of Texas, amidst the sprawling beauty of Brazos Bend State Park, Lindsey and Jeff embarked on a whimsical engagement session that perfectly captured their love for each other and their shared passions. Surrounded by majestic Spanish oak trees and the tranquil beauty of nature, they celebrated their love with laughter.

The sun filtered through the canopy of oak trees as Lindsey and Jeff arrived at Brazos Bend State Park, ready to love on each other and have some fun. A few things about them: Any chance they get, they go to Astros games and Texas country music concerts. In their downtime Lindsey loves trash tv (who doesn’t?) and Jeff dives into a jar of pickles.

These two are so easy going and laid back. I can’t wait for their wedding this June – I know it’s going to be amazing. And the best part is, this is just beginning, with many more adventures—and pickles—to come.