Caroline & Craig ~ Denton, Tx Wedding Photographer

Caroline was referred to me from Christine, another one of my brides this year, thanks C!  Tucked away in the town of Denton, Texas is a cozy little Eurpoean inspired bed & breakfast called The Wildwood Inn.  It’s a beautiful place with friendly staff, beautiful rooms, gorgeous scenery, mouth watering food (the Beef Wellington is to DIE for!!), and fabulous peach tea.  Major props to Kendra, the wedding coordinator.  This is where Caroline and Craig decided to have friends and family witness their vows to one another until death do them part.

This wedding was a little different for me because I had never met the bride face to face until the day of the wedding.  She lives in North Texas and I’m flattered that she felt comfortable enough with me by just seeing my work.  That’s a huge compliment-and it involves a lot of trust.  I could not have asked for a more laid back couple.  They were kind, accommodating & the bride kept asking ME if I was ok, if I had eaten, etc.  LOL…Caroline, you are too sweet for words.  I thank you for all of that.  You are truly a gem.

The thing that I like about shooting weddings is that they all have something different to appreciate about them.  Craig and Caroline ABSOLUTELY incorporated their own style in this wedding.  They took personal items that meant something to them and used them in their special day. The wedding took place two days before Halloween, so the couple had the place decorated with pumpkins, oranges and fall colors, complete with candy corn and a fairy cake topper!  The band was the perfect compliment to this wedding, an Irish band of sorts.  The music they played was relaxing, fun feeling and a bit of what you would hear at the Texas Ren Fest.  Everything about this wedding was sweet, perfectly flowing and above all, REAL.  You can see the conviction these two have to each other, the way they look at each other and the loving things they say to each other.






Rocking her clogs!





I am in absolute love with the next few pics…the light was GORGEOUS and the were SO good at posing!










Venue- The Wildwood Inn

Band- County Rexford Irish Band

Flowers- Devin Designs

Dress-Oleg Cassini


  1. Caroline says:

    So beautiful! All of the pics look so good I can’t wait to see the rest of them! You are soooo talented!!

  2. Amber says:

    LOOOOVE this!! You rocked those details shots missy!!! Love love love love!