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Destination Engagement Photographer | Whitsunday Islands, Whitehaven Beach, Australia |Gemma & Scott

Island hopping in the Whitsunday Islands for engagement pictures.  I cannot describe how beautiful it was other than to say it was simply paradise.  We shot in several locations including Daydream Island, Hamilton Island and Whitehaven Beach.  I prepared Scott before hand letting him know that we would be taking pictures galore, and he did awesome.  No complaints, no looks of boredom, he always had something to say to make me laugh.

They have so much chemistry and make it look so easy, I love how the affection they have for each other shines through.  Gemma is a massage therapist.  Scott came in for a massage one day…and then proceeded to come back for three more un-needed massages just to work up the courage to ask the gorgeous girl out!  The rest is history.

You both really have no idea what a blessing you are.  I enjoyed every moment of my time with you two.  Watching you get married, seeing the way you look at, speak to and hold each other is so comforting.  You make love look so easy, truly.  Hearing the things that your friends and family say about you is heartwarming.  I wish you both the truest happiness and hope you get everything you want out of your life together.  Scott, make sure you return the massages once in a while!


New South Wales Engagement Photographers

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  1. Prashant says:

    these are lovely. nicely done Stef.

  2. Julie Lofaro says:

    OH…..MY…..GOSH!!!! This photo session was absolutely PASSIONATE!!!! Sexy, loving, stunning, gorgeous, and etc, and more of all the above! This was utter PERFECTION. Congratulations to this beautiful couple. Many wishes and blessings for your new epic journey together. Stephanie, you are something else! Your pictures come to life and the love beams like heaven. Thank you for what you do!

  3. Ashley says:

    I agree with Julie! Love everything about this shoot! AMAZING job Steph! I want to vacation there one day haha!

  4. Amber says:


  5. Tiffany Chaparro says:

    My absolute favorite photos of yours I have ever seen. Come to think of it- my absolute photos Ive ever seen EVER! These are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! the rain, the sand, the beach…the love, Girl you are TALENTED 🙂 These are amazing

  6. Julie Lofaro says:

    Well we love you and what you do! I was hooked when I saw Ashley and Anthony’s wedding! The moments and angles that were captured were so beautiful! 🙂 You are so awesome Stephanie!

  7. Loretta says:


    These pictures are quite beautiful!
    Keep up the good work!