Jasmine & Zach | Williams Waterwall | Houston Engagement Photographer

Jasmine & Zach are a sweet young couple who I got to spend a little time with recently for their engagement shoot.  I’m very excited to shoot their wedding–for two reasons.  First, upon meeting Jasmine and her mother, they both instantly gave me a warm feeling.  They are kind and EXCITED about the wedding!  The second reason I look forward to this wedding is because Jasmine told me that photography is the most important thing to her.  This is what I LOVE to hear, people!!  You’re going to have lots of gifts and memories after your big day, but the only proof you have is the photography or cinematography.  The cake will be eaten, the dress put away, but when it’s all done, you get a set of pictures to remember how perfect your day was.  It doesn’t get much better than this 😉


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