Jodi & Ryan | Oak Tree Manor | Houston Wedding Photographer

Let me start off by saying Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  I have so much to be thankful for.  Photography, my husband, my boxers, my life in general, my legs for the sake of running 😉

I’m giving you fair warning to brace yourself.  This is probably the longest blog post in history.  I have to fess up that this wedding is of one of my best friends, but I can tell you that hands down, emotional attachment wasn’t a factor, and this has been my favorite wedding so far to be a part of in photographing.  It was in a word…perfect.  Details.  Venue.  First Look.  Dress.  Emotion.  Sun.  Flare.  Honestly, I would apologize for the length of the post, but this is my blog, so I won’t be doing so 🙂

Jodi is my best friend.  Ryan is my husband’s best friend.  No secret on how they met.  But it wasn’t a set up!  It just happened.  And now we never see them!!!  I’m keeping all of my other single friends away…I still need travel buddies 😀  Jodi and I met when I was still shooting x-ray in Hermann trauma.   She was quiet, un-opinionated, and frankly, I didn’t have much to do with her.  Until one day on the rail back to our cars, she sat next to a homeless man and spoke to him, simply asking about his day.  Just a genuine hello and how are you.  I realized what a GEM she was.  A good person, selfless, a giver.

She’s been to Africa to help build homes, she and I traveled to Europe and sat on the mall at the Eiffel Tower sharing a bottle of wine.  She is “Uncle Ned’s kid” to my mother’s side of the family, and to my father’s side, simply another daughter and granddaughter.  She’s honest when I ask her if she likes my new flashy ring…saying No, of course.  We have inside jokes, memories, laughs, tears, and most of all, each other.  When she met Ryan and his boys, she was truly captivated.  They had her heart immediately.  They got such a prize jewel in her.  Some people will walk past her in their daily tasks never realizing that they’ve just passed up one of the most awesome people on this earth.  I love her dearly.

Honestly, shooting this wedding was so incredibly wonderful for me.  It makes me wish that I was best friends with all of my brides.  I feel so comfortable with her family (her awesome family).  So to all of you brides and future brides of mine, come over!!  Lets get the wine going and plan some trips!!   🙂 🙂

Ryan, you’re a good man.  You are kind, fun to be around, I love your inappropriate text messages, and your boys are going to grow up to be fine young gentlemen.  I’m so incredibly happy for you both.  I wish you the best of the best in your journey of marriage.

I love you both.


Venue: Oak Tree Manor

Dress: WToo BridesHouston Bridal Gallery

Tux:  Vera Wang Black

Makeup: Jenny-Kristina Frank Makeup Artistry

Hair: Jessica Garza-Kristina Frank Makeup Artistry

Flowers: Nasa Flowers

Cake: Cakes by Ronda

Second Photographer: Sasha Fuentes

Place settings: BHLDN

DJ: DJ Dave Productions

  1. Jacqui Vandagriff says:

    No apology needed for your post, as it was the most perfect wedding ever. Jodi and her sisters ‘blush’ dresses, blond hair, and angel white smiles looks like a family of angels. You’ve captured the boys, Ryan’s, Jodi’s mom, and the emotions of both families perfectly. Anyone looking in would be sorry they weren’t there to experience the whole ceremony, decorations, afternoon weather, children dancing, and quaintness of the whole day. Jodi and Ryan’s candid shots are so cute. Colors are vibrant and saturated. Beautiful shoot, and a wonderfully nice tribute to your best friends. Gorgeous “tree in the back yard” (wink). Love you!!