{Engaged} Debra & Tim | Huntsville, Tx Engagement Photographer

Debra and Tim are graduates from SHSU.  They wanted to incorporate this experience into their e~session, so we all drove up to Sam on a chilly Saturday afternoon.  Debra rocked the dress and heels considering that it felt like 30 degrees outside, but they were up for anything. 

Unfortunately, the building that they wanted to shoot in front of was under construction with scaffolding, and lets face it…saffolding isn’t Greek for pretty.  Anyway!  Below is a small peek of what we captured last weekend.  As we were leaving for the day, I was discussing bridals with Deb and told her we needed to get together as soon as the dress was ready.  Tim then proceeds to ask when his ‘groomals’ will be taken.  Pipe down, Timmy boy!  You’ll get some stud pics on the wedding day!


  1. Debra Alvarez says:

    I love them Steph! You did an awesome job 🙂 thank you!

  2. Karen Oglesby says:

    What a sweet looking couple!