Jen + Bret: Engaged ~ Pearland, Tx Engagment Photographer

I thank my lucky stars that I booked Jen and Bret’s wedding.  First, they came to me as a referral from a fellow photog friend (thanks Monique!).  Second, they live in Corpus, so there was no direct consultation with Jen or Bret themselves, but they sent Jen’s mom, Kim.  What a true blessing!  She was so incredibly NICE and FULL of energy!  I knew once we met that I had one of those clients on my hands that I would TRULY feel blessed to share their day.  Jen and Bret made a one day trip to me for their engagments and we got to it!  Jen was quiet, but we are fb friends, and I’ve seen some of her posts, so I KNEW this redhead had some spunk.  Bret was a quiet shell that was easily cracked as well.  I know without a doubt that not only will this be a great wedding to capture, but that I will have so much fun doing it. 

I look forward to many more fun shoots in the future guys…see you soon!

  1. Jen Spears says:

    WOW Steph! You did an awesome job on the pics, I can’t wait to see all of the others!! 😉 And I also can’t wait to take the wedding pics as well with you! I am so glad we were referred to you, I think we make a good match!!
    See you soon!
    LOVE JEN & BRET!!!!!!