Pace + Brian = Getting Married ~ Oklahoma City, OK Engagement Photographer

They came from opposite ends of the states.  Brian is a small town yankee from Wabasso, MN.  He’s a die hard Minnesota Twins fan (and now so is she).  His mamma raised him right, and he is a perfect gentleman.  Pace is not your typical girly girl.  She’s a Red Raider from Deer Park, TX.  She’s a daddy’s girl, but not a princess, and just laid back and cool about everything.  She also swore she’d never get married. 

They’re both Zooology/Wildlife majors and met while working at the Gainsville Zoo.  Now, they are both working at zoo’s in Oklahoma City, OK.  That’s where both families came together on the weekend of March 26, to celebrate Pace & Brian’s wedding.  Richter family meets the Franks.  The Richter family of course holds a VERY special place in my heart.  That said, I had never met the Frank’s.  A word to describe?  AWESOME.  I love this family!  So fun, so kind, so welcoming.  A close knit family who knows how to have a great time! 

While I was in Oklahoma City, we decided to take advantage of time and squeeze in an engagement session.  We went down to ‘Bricktown” which is a fun area with tons to do.  Then, we got a back stage pass to the zoo where we took some shots with the animals!  Brian’s favorite is Asha, the elephant.  She is pregnant with her first baby, and it’s also the zoo’s first baby (which is a big deal) so everyone is on watch.  She managed to make time for a cameo in a few shots here. 

Give them all some love, peeps!