Stephanie & Cooper | Briscoe Manor | Houston Wedding Photographer

Stephanie & Cooper were my last couple of 2011 to tie the knot.  She’s a nurse, he’s a firefighter…could it be any more perfect?  We started late evening at Briscoe Manor, tucked away from the city in a quiet Richmond suburb with a winding road and rolling hills to greet you as you enter.  A big shout out to Briscoe’s event coordinator, Stephanie!  I’m no stranger to Stephanie (the bride)…I know, the event coordinator, the bride and the photographer…a LOT of Stephanie’s, and in the time that we have come together for engagements, consults and the wedding, I have come to adore both families.  One of the things I enjoy MOST about what I do is the connection I develop with my clients and their familes.  The Lumsden’s and Marquez’s are no exception.  It makes me wish I were a part of their family!

As the door opened and Stephanie proceeded down the isle, I looked over at Cooper to see his reaction.  I love watching the groom and wondering what he’s thinking.  Coop’s body was tense, and he just stared at Steph as she walked.   His eyes were wide, and I could tell he was trying to control his emotions.  She looked absolutely beautiful. 

As I watched them dance their first dance later that night, I was so drawn to the way that he just kept his eyes on her at all times.  From all the way across the room, you can see clearly that she is his world.  It’s truly captivating.  He adores her, and she adores him.  She’s found the one.  He will love her, he will protect her and he will be her everything.

Mr. & Mrs. Cooper Lumsden 

 We had to get a shot of the rowdy HFD crew…they are well behaved in this one!


Wedding Venue:  Briscoe Manor

Dress:  Alfred Angelo

Flowers:  Ryan Balbas

Cake:  Susie’s Cakes

Band:  Wiggins Entertainment/Dry Water Band

  1. Amber says:

    These. Are. FABULOUS!!!!!!!

  2. Jess Rutherford says:

    I LOVE THEM!!!! Stephanie (the photographer) you did such a wonderful job and your write up made me tear up. You are so right! They both have such wonderful families, they truly adore each other and it shows. So glad to have been a part of this wedding! Btw, would love to have a copy of the group shot w/the boots.

  3. Karen Oglesby says:

    These were really cool wedding photos! I loved the cowboy boots! The photographer did an awesome job and the new couple were beaming!